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Commit b145e610 authored by Martin Hudlicka's avatar Martin Hudlicka
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......@@ -3,5 +3,7 @@ The following companies and individuals have submitted contributor license agree
* Martin Hudlicka (CMI, Czech Republic)
* Paritosh Manurkar (NIST, USA)
* Nora Meyne (PTB, Germany)
* Kate Remley (NIST, USA)
* Christopher P. Silva (Aerospace Corporation, USA)
* Jacques Sombrin (TéSA, France)
* Dylan Williams (NIST, USA)
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The following individuals have contributed code to the IEEE 1765 open source project (the list is in alphabetical order):
* Martin Hudlicka
* Paritosh Manurkar
* Nora Meyne
* Kate Remley
* Patrick Roblin
* Christopher P. Silva
* Jacques Sombrin
* Dylan Williams
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