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Commit 8438ccd8 authored by Martin Hudlicka's avatar Martin Hudlicka
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% Downversion code (user distributable)
% This code implements the preprocessing step of downconversion and is
% not a part of the IEEE P1765 Baseline EVM Algorithm.
% The downconversion is discussed in Section
% Here, we present a method to perform downconversion on a reference RF waveform.
% Authors:
% Christopher P. Silva - Original code Version 04.30.2021
% Paritosh Manurkar - Modularization of the code into a main program and subroutines Version 06.08.2021
clear; close all; clc;
%% Read Basic Communication Parameters
params = F_Basic_Communication_Parameters();
%% Ask for file input
% Read in ASCII RF Reference Signal Waveform file
disp('The user�s selection will be based on the P1765 Signal Impairment Sets defined in Section 6.1 and Annex A of IEEE P1765');
disp('Read in ASCII RF Reference Waveform file');
[fname,path] = uigetfile([pwd,'\P1765 Reference Waveforms\Waveform1r_rf.txt'],'Select the signal text file');
file = fullfile(path,fname);
distSig = transpose(dlmread(file));
distSig2FT = fft(distSig);
% Extract the file extension for default filenaming convention
[~,~,ext] = fileparts(fname);
% Perform downconversion from RF to Baseband in frequency domain
distSigFreq = PreProcessing_F_Downconvert(distSig2FT,params); %params is a structure containing basic communication parameters
distSig_bb = ifft(distSigFreq);
sigSize_bb = length(distSigFreq);
% Save frequency downconverted time-domain waveform
% Replace the filename extenstion with elaborate filename to signify downconversion plus extension
stri = fullfile(path,strcat(fname(1:end-length(ext)),'_downconverted.txt'));
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