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## Setting up an Official IEEE Open Source Project
Your Official IEEE Open Source Project may contain one or more projects on Each project should contain the following files:
* - Info about your project (see below for more detailed example)
* LICENSE - A copy of the project's license; this should be taken from the appropriate license file in
* - A list of copyright holders
* - A list of contributors
Additional files you may want to have or may need to have:
* - Additional legal notices
* - Policies for how you would like to accept contributions
* - Policy on how to handle CVEs
Your project's README file should provide at minimum information about your project, how to contribute (including license/CLA info), and who the project's lead and/or maintainers. Some additional sections and info are recommended. Below is a list of various recommended sections.
* About
* 1-2 paragraphs describing the purpose of the project
* Getting Started
* Requirements or preconditions needed to install the software or any assumptions.
* Instructions (step-by-step guide) to get a copy of the project up and running on a peron's local machine for use, development, and/or testing.
* Usage - any additional usage notes on using the software
* Project leadership
* Project Lead (username)
* Project maintainer name (username)
* Contributing
* This project is licensed under the terms of the (LICENSE NAME). Contributions are accepted under a Contributor License Agreement (LINK to appropriate project See (LINK to for more
* Communications
* Link to any mailing list
* Link to public mattermost channel
* Acknowledgements
* See for a list of contributors and for a list of authors.
* Any additional thanks, etc. you wish to add (e.g., another project that provided inspiration, etc).
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