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Ticket classification and other project managment related documentation

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Story priority and complexity are captured on the following boards:
- **Complexity** board - Used to express how "complex" a task is thought to be.
- URL:
- Complexity should be noted by the task requestor (Josh or Lisa), and updated by the technical team (Mairi) if the task is thought to be more complex than originally planned.
- The complexity scale is is based on "weights" and attempts to be as simple as possible, the three categories are:
- _Light_ - The task is trivial, and is estimated to take less than one business day
- _Medium_ - The task is non-trivial, and may take up to a business week or longer
- _Heavy_ - The task is non-trivial, and takes over a business week or longer. Additionally this requires coordinating with other teams
- **Priority** board - Used to express how "important" a task is on our current timeline
- URL:
- Priority should be noted by the task requestor. If changes in priority need to be made, they should be brought to the #townhall channel on mattermost.
- The priority scale is based on "temperatures", the higher the temperature the higher the priority.
- _Cold_ - The task is not part of our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and should only be attempted when experiencing downtime (no warmer tasks to do).
- _Warm_ - This task is part of our MVP and should be attempted and scheduled to be done as time permits.
- _Spicy_ - This task is part of our MVP, and cannot wait to be scheduled. Hot tasks should be addressed within the week.
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