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<title>Digital Fabric Interoperability - IEEE SA Open</title>
<Hero heroIntro={'Digital Fabric Interoperabilit'} heroPrimary={'D-FIP'} />
<Hero heroIntro={'Digital Fabric Interoperability'} heroPrimary={'D-FIP'} />
<Section type={'light'}>
<h5>Digital Fabric Interoperability</h5>
<h3>3D Physics Conversion Tool</h3>
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been based on tactile, physical materials and their response to
gravity when placed on the human body. Designing how fabric is
cut, sewn and arranged around the body digitally has up until
very recently not been possible, in contrast to other crestive
very recently not been possible, in contrast to other creative
fields like architecture and automotive design. The unlock of
this technology has been the development of 3D physics data,
which accurately translates the tangible properties of fabric
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illustration (when done in 3D) can represent what the physical
product will look like so accurately that the illustration could
be used in place of physical photography. The accuracy that good
fabric physics underpins has powerful implicaitons for everyone
fabric physics underpins has powerful implications for everyone
across the fashion industry.</p>
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<strong>Welcome</strong>:{' '}
<a href=""></a>
<strong>Community</strong>:{' '}
<a href="">
<strong>Getting Started</strong>:{' '}
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