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Commit 3d6ec674 authored by Nicholas Paganelli's avatar Nicholas Paganelli
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......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ import Button from '../components/Button/Button';
// Headshots
import JoshHeadshot from '../images/bio/josh_headshot.png';
import NickHeadshot from '../images/bio/b5867619-c678-4423-9a5f-735642b9cdd3.jpg'
// Add BIOs by copying an existing bio ... below is a reference template containing all elements
......@@ -46,6 +46,17 @@ const OurTeam: React.FC<PageProps> = () => (
name={'Nicholas Paganelli'}
title={'Research & Development Lead, Digital Product Creation at Ralph Lauren'}
'Nicholas Paganelli is a creative technologist focused on how we can transform the centuries-old process of clothing production. He is currently the Director of 3D Product and Raw Material Development at Ralph Lauren Corporation, specializing in the digitization of soft goods and textiles. Prior to this Nicholas received an MFA in Design + Technology from Parsons School of Design. His peer-reviewed thesis research, published in the journal Fashion Practice, explores how new technologies can help create accessible clothing for people with disabilities. Nicholas has also published research into the use of 3D Body Scanning for made-to-order apparel. In this way Nicholas seeks to leverage technology and strategic innovation in the push for a more equal fashion industry. Nicholas also relies on his years of experience as an entrepreneur to push these goals forward, having worked for Made-in-New York certified apparel startups and internationally focused Fair Trade certified retail businesses.'
<div className={'left'}>
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