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Commit b9b0e157 authored by Nathaniel James's avatar Nathaniel James
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outlining Project Request form

- Project Name
- Brief Project Description
- Project Lead First Name
- Project Lead Last Name
- Project Lead e-mail address
- Project Lead phone number
- Project Lead primary geographic location
- Is this a new project or one that already has distributed code? [need better phrasing]
- Please describe how your project is or will be governed. [See section 5.1.2 for more detail]
- Please describe how your project relates to other known Open Source projects. [more detail?]
- Do you plan to incorporate this project into a new or existing IEEE Standard? If so, which one? If applicable,
please include the Standard Indentification Number or Project Authorization Request Number [need correct phrasing].
- We understand that we will need to sign appropriate Content Licensing Agreements y/n [needs more detail]
- We understand that we will need to agree to the Terms of Use for the IEEE Open Source Platform.
- Are you interested in learning more about Project Fiscal Sponsorship through IEEE SA?
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