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## Official IEEE Open Source Project Request Form
### Introduction
Throughout our history, IEEE and the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) have provided a trusted, transparent platform for multi-stakeholder technical collaboration. In order to build the capacity of the Open Source ecosystem, IEEE SA launched its Open Source Platform, which is guided and overseen by the Open Source Committee (OSCom). OSCom operates in an open, transparent, and community-driven fashion.
Any individual or entity may request to use the IEEE Open Source platform for a purpose related to IEEE objectives. An organization -- or group of individuals and organizations -- may apply to set up a group Project on the IEEE Open Source Platform. Submitting this form is the first step in becoming an Official IEEE Open Source Project.
Submission of this form may initiate a conversation with IEEE staff or the proposed project may move directly to the next step, which is submission to OSCom for approval.
IEEE staff shall review requests and should provide feedback within ten working days. Requests for initiating Official IEEE Open Source Projects are then forwarded to OSCom for review and approval, which takes a minimum of fourteen calendar days.
Providing personally identifiable information is not required to submit this form. Optional fields may be left blank. If you are unable to provide information for a required field, please enter “TBD” (to be determined) or an explanation.
### Team Information
**Please provide the names and e-mail addresses for 2-3 other contributors besides yourself involved in this project. If you can name the Project Lead and/or Maintainer(s), please do so. **(optional)
**Does this project relate to an existing IEEE Activity? If so, which one(s)? **(required)
**Is this application being submitted by individuals or on behalf of an existing company, organization, or entity? If the latter, which one(s)? **(required)
**Do you plan to incorporate this project into a new or existing IEEE Standard? If so, which one(s)?** (required)
### Project Information
**Project Name** (optional)
**Brief Project Description **(required)
**If this is an existing project, please provide any important background information, including project age, contributor/developer community, user base, etc. Links to existing websites and official hosting (e.g., github page) are appreciated.** (optional)
**Please describe how your project is or will be governed.** (required)
**Please describe how your project relates to other known Open Source, open hardware, specifications, or technical standards projects or efforts.** (optional)
**Are you interested in learning more about Project Fiscal Sponsorship through IEEE SA/IEEE Foundation? **(optional)
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