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# docs pipeline
# Docs pipeline
We combine documentation from various starting points and process them through CI, GitLab Pages, and automation to reach the appropriate end point.
This project manages the combining of documentation from various source points. Through CI, GitLab Wiki and Pages, and associated automation, we should end up with consolidated publications.
This repo holds relevant issue tickets, wiki, and working materials around the documentation development.
We plan to build a tool that pulls in resources from submodules (i.e., other repos), runs scripts that render those resources to the appropriate publication format, and then pushes those formatted files to a different git repo (the one used by Wiki or Pages or other tool for public presentation).
## Status
At this point, we have not yet determined the details for this documentation pipeline.
## Example pipeline
We should define a documentation pipeline. For example, docs-pipeline could essentially be a tool that pulls in submodules (i.e., other repos) and then scripts that converts the contents of those submodules to files of a different format, pushing those formatted files to a different git repo. For example, the pipeline could look something like this:
As an example, a pipeline could look something like this:
graph TD;
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