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Adds Terms of Use and Abbreviated Individual Contributor License Agreement

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<!-- Users of the platform must first have an IEEE Account to sign in, so the Privacy Policy should be checked at login and redirected if not accepted. -->
Welcome to the IEEE Open Source Platform. IEEE supports open source as one method for consensus development within its portfolio of collaborative activities.
Use of this platform is contingent upon your agreement to:
1. Comply with all applicable IEEE policies and procedures, including but not limited to:
* IEEE Code of Ethics <[](>
* IEEE Code of Conduct <[](>
* IEEE Terms and Conditions <[](>
* IEEE Nondiscrimination Policy <[](>
2. Submit any applicable IEEE Contributor License Agreement <[](> (CLA) where required by specific IEEE Open Source Projects.
3. If you assume the role of Maintainer or Committer, comply with the latest version of the [IEEE Open Source Maintainers Manual](
## Contributor License Agreement requirement
**The following IEEE Abbreviated Individual Contributor License Agreement (ACLA) applies to any Contributions by You for which an IEEE CLA is not required.**
This Abbreviated Individual Contributor License Agreement may only be used in instances where:
* a) You (the copyright owner of the material being submitted) are submitting an original work of authorship to IEEE Open Source software or documentation, including any modifications or additions to an existing work (“Contribution”);
* b) You are making this Agreement with IEEE as an individual, and no other entity has any rights to the material you submit to the development of work on an IEEE Open Source repository;
* c) You are not a government/federal/crown employee where your work is not subject to copyright;
* d) The work is not being developed in conjunction with an IEEE standards development activity as a normative or informative reference within an IEEE standard.
If Your Contribution does not meet the above requirements for a specific IEEE Open Source Project, You are required to submit the appropriate IEEE CLA(s).
### IEEE Abbreviated Individual Contributor License Agreement
1. **Grant of Copyright and Patent License.** You hereby grant to IEEE and to recipients of software and documentation distributed by IEEE a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, irrevocable copyright and patent license (for patent claims licensable by You that are necessarily infringed by the work at the time of Your Contributions) to reproduce, prepare derivative works of, publicly display, publicly perform, sublicense, and distribute Your Contributions and such derivative works. Except for the license granted in this Agreement, You reserve all right, title, and interest in and to Your Contributions, including the right to terminate this license to a third party in the event of patent litigation by that third party against You alleging that Your Contributions constitute patent infringement.
2. **Representation.** You are legally entitled to grant the above license and that the Contributions are Your original creations. You also represent that You are not aware of any third-party license or other restrictions associated with any part of Your Contributions.
3. **Application of Grant.** You accept and agree to these terms and conditions for all Your Contributions to any IEEE Open Source Projects in which You participate.
## Applicable Law and IEEE's Enforcement of these Terms
By agreeing to the Terms of Use, users also agree to obey applicable laws. IEEE reserves the right to remove content or take any action it deems appropriate if it determines that a user has not complied with the Terms of Use.
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