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# Community Request Form
# Community Suggestion Box
Use this form to help the Technical Advisory Group and the greater community to understand the idea you are presenting, how it fills the needs of the IEEE SA OPEN Community, and provide adequate information for participant developers or members of our engineering teams to develop a "Proof of Concept". Please fill out all appropriate sections.
To make a suggestion to the TAG, please use the template to [create an issue](
## Proposal
Provide a brief overview of your project proposal (200 words or less). Please include answers to the following if possible.
- What problem are you trying to solve for the community?
- Why do you feel this is important for the community?
- Are there any existing technologies you're aware of that currently provide this functionality?
- What kind of tests/metrics would tell us we were successful?
- Is there anything else you would like us to know about your request?
## Use Cases and Details
If you have more information regarding future use cases or specifics of the new functionality you are requesting, please include it.
**Improvements to Features or Workflow**
*What is the workflow / feature you feel could be improved?*
(Example: When I try to... (describe current flow) I expect to see... (Describe desired behavior) but instead see (describe actual behavior from system).
**New Functionality**
*What are the new features or abilities you would like to see implemented?*
(Example: As a user, I need a way to...(describe what you would like to do) so that I could... (describe why you need to do this).
/assign me
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