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* [Meeting Information]()
# February 25, 2022
* Beth (Leadingbit for IEEE SA OPEN)
* Nuritzi (Google)
## Handbook Hackathon
* Go over: [Handbook issue]( and start to populate the actual [IEEE SA Open Community Handbook](
* Beth: We may have society groups joining soon. We may want to create a section called "IEEE Societies and Chapters"
* Beth: We are working on mictrosites, so for now, we won't be able to create a website for the handbook page.
### Handbook Style Guide Notes
* Use standard title capitalization of words in a subgroup or project name.
e.g. The End of the Road
The end of the road
* Make project and subgroup description appealing and informative
* Use correct punctuation in the description of a project. For example, add a period at the end.
### Decisions
* We are leaving out "Community Guidelines" from the "About" section for now since we don't remember what this was for and can't think of a concrete example for what should go in it.
### TODOs
* See if the DEI sub group would be interested in adding a cross-cultural collaboation guide, maybe based on: Consider adding this to the How We Communicate project README.
* Add handbook style guide notes above to the handbook guideline page. DONE:
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