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We start on time and end on time; anyone is welcome to join as they are able.
We will respect everyone's time.
Our meetings are scheduled for fifty minutes to allow for transition time between meetings.
Participation is encouraged - Be Awkward! We will encourage questions.
Another way to participate is to write in public chat, in addition to speaking.
It's ok to be quiet and think about what's happening. We do not pressure people to speak during our meetings.
Video is optional.
We will encourage multiple perspectives on issues and treat them objectively.
We strive to keep the conversation on track to respect one another's time. We are grateful to our facilitators for helping us be aware.
Open debate and disagreement are encouraged in our meetings, but once a decision is made all members of the team agree to commit to and support that decision, or at a minimum, avoid actions that could be construed as undermining, or impeding execution of a decision.
We will make important decisions asynchronously as a community.
Decisions must be transparent, agreed to in written form, and made in an archived communication channel.
Decisions are never finalized during meetings because not everyone can attend; meetings result in suggestions.
We value everyone's opinion.
We will honor our commitments. If we are unable to complete a task, we will bring this up to the team so that someone else can step in and help. We are all volunteers with other commitments and we do our best to support each other in this community endeavor.
We will record all meetings for those who cannot attend.
We will help our team members be successful.
We will assume positive intent by team members.
All processes and documentation are works in progress and can be changed.
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