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# Documentation and Curation
## Welcome!
This groups recommends documents to be created for the Community, and outlines the process for creating, reviewing and updating those documents.
Welcome to the Documentation and Curation group! Our group recommends documents to be created for the IEEE SA OPEN Community, and outlines the process for creating, reviewing and updating those documents, as well as recommended practices for other documentation on the platform and for any open source project. We consult with members of our project communities, leaders in the broader open source world, and existing documentation, while actively involving people who are diverse in race, nationality, gender, and ability.
Documentation and Curation is seeking members, so that we can help knowledge be shared clearly and cleanly with our community and the greater open source community. Please contact on the [Documentation Curation channel]( in Mattermost.
## Contact Us
If you'd like to know more about what's going on with the Documentation and Curation group, please join the conversation on our [Mattermost channel]( or join us for our next meeting. We're also actively pursuing the creation of an email list. We're excited to hear your ideas!
## Meetings
More information about both our upcoming meetings and our past meetings is available.
[Meeting Information and Notes](
If you have an idea for a topic at an upcoming Documenetation and Curation meeting, please add an [proposed agenda item]() to our Agenda Item board.
## Related Groups and Projects
* [Community Advisory Group](
* [Marketing Metrics](
## Related Files
* [Apache 2.0 License](
## Code of Conduct
Please review the [IEEE Code of Conduct](, which governs projects on IEEE SA OPEN.
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