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......@@ -8,6 +8,10 @@ Natalie Apadula - Collabratec badging hub organizer at IEEE
Sanya Kathuria - Expertiza: Badging System (Open Source Contribution)
Amy Cooper, who researches who K-8 students use badging, e-learning et al,
Alyssa Phannensteil - Outreach at U of Colorado Med Campus, leads student ambassadors and lists digital badges as an interest
## Groups/Organizations
......@@ -19,3 +23,31 @@ Sanya Kathuria - Expertiza: Badging System (Open Source Contribution)
* Marty Reed
[Credentialing Collaboration Group - On FB](
Make sure badges are displayableon LinkedIn. Indications are that t[[hey use Badgr.
[Open Badges Blog](
Learning today happens everywhere. Open Badges makes is possible to recognize and showcase your skills & literacies across the Web. Learn more at
**Sample instructions for adding badges:**
How To Display Your Open Badges on Your LinkedIn Profile
Until we have flawless integration methods for displaying your Open Badges on your various social media and networking profiles, we will try our best to share with you any “long-cuts” to getting your badges out there.
This particular tip came from Grainne Hamilton, an e-Assessment Advisor at JISC RSC Scotland.
How To: Display Badges on a LinkedIn Profile
Go to LinkedIn and log in to your account
Go to Edit Profile by hovering over the Profile tab in the top left
Choose which section of your profile you want to display badges in (for example, the summary section at the top of your profile)
Hover over the + dropdown and click Add Link
Log in to your Open Badges Backpack and open the badge collection you want to display
Click the Share This Group icon in the collection box and choose a social media platform to access the URL for your badge collection
Copy the link for this page (you do not have to go through with sharing your badges if you don’t want to, just close the pop-up window after copying the link)
Paste the link into the Add Link field in LinkedIn, add descriptor info, and save
[Educause Article 7 Things You should know about Digital Badges](
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