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# Team Agreement for Community Advisory Group
- We start and end meetings on time. We welcome everyone who can join even if only for a little bit.
- Meetings are 50 minutes to allow time before next meetings.
- Ask at beginning if someone needs to leave early so that we can cover topics relevant to them early in the meeting.
- Mute yourself when you're not talking.
**Meeting Notes**
- We use the merge-request workflow for reviewing meeting minutes and approving them.
- When we do a loose poll, ask for "who disagree" to get to the meat of the issue we need to discuss.
**Celebrate Successes**
- MAG wants to celebrate successes from CAG: inform them of anything we do, like pictures of conference talks or publications, include a brief description. How to do this has not been decided yet, reach out through Mattermost for now.
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