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......@@ -33,15 +33,21 @@ The instructions to install and run are:
- ssh -Yv user@<_IP of riscv_vm2_>
- In my case that is: ssh -Yv user@
## Installing the riscv_vm tools directly on Ubuntu 18.04LT host (UNTESTED)
On a Linux machine with Ubuntu 18.04LT installed, follow these instructions:
The instructions to install and run are:
## Installing the riscv_vm tools directly on Ubuntu 18.04LTS host (UNTESTED)
On Ubuntu 18.04 the virtual box that is included by default is 5.x. Follow these instructions to download and install 6.x from virtualbox instead:
1. From a command-line terminal
2. clone the repo from your Linux machine:
- git clone
3. Run the installer script in "sudo" mode:
- sudo riscv_vm/
4. Import the *.OVA “appliance” into VirtualBox
5. There does not seem to be host networks by default in virtualbox on Linux. To add:
- elect from the GUI menu \[File] -> \[Host Network Manager]
- then \[Network] -> \[Create]
- In the newly created network enable the DHCP server
6. The VM may start in error related to host network, you may resolve this by simply opening the Machine's network settings and pressing ok (with perhaps a dummy edit).
7. The installer script installs both VirtualBox and the corresponding extension pack for support of USB. The script also adds the current user to the vboxusers group:
* **NOTE**: log-off and on again for new groups to take effect
## Importing VM into VirtualBox on MacOS host
The instructions to install and run are:
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