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......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ The OpenHW Group's RISC-V Virtual Machine (riscv_vm) is intended for anyone want
* RISC-V Verilator model
The files in the ~/bin directory are used to create the VM Linux image after Ubuntu 18.04LT has been installed. The VM'sminimal configuration is 2CPU/4G-RAM/20GB-DISK with USB 2.0 enabled
To donwload a protable *.osa appliance file, go to: [RISCV_VM *.OVA image on Google Drive](
**Note that the virtual machine userID /password is _user/abc123_**
* **Note that the virtual machine userID /password is _user/abc123_**
## Importing VM into VirtualBox on Windows10 host
The instructions to install and run are:
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